Another State: CA

A couple of months ago, I moved from Nebraska to California. I lived in CA back in 2012, and I loved it. So with much excitement, I am here enjoying the nice weather and the amazing people. One of the most spectacular things about CA is the crazy amount of races you can find year round from 5Ks to ultras, so I decided to add another state to my bucket list and signed up for a 50K.

Last weekend, I ran Beyond Limits Ultra 50K, a multi-distance event that included 50K/50M/100M/24Hr/48Hr/72Hr options. Even though I wanted to run at least 50 miles, I had other businesses to take care of so I figured a 50K was going to be good enough. The field consisted of 10 runners or so for the 50K and we were to run a 2 mile loop 15 times plus 4 loops around a small lake to get to 31 miles. I believe the total number of runners for all the distances was close to 90.

I had the option to pay 40 bucks and spend the night at Pathfinder Ranch, but I’d rather sleep in my own bed. So on race day, I woke super-duper early and headed to Mountain Center, which is located 2 hours away with no traffic (you can tell I am in LA because I am talking about distances with traffic and with no traffic, LOL).

BLU - 1

Photo Cred: Dave Hyatt


At 8:30AM, the race started and all the runners took off, except the 48 and 72 hour ones because they had started the previous day and the day before. So there we were, running in circle like a crazy bunch of runners that want to have a great time with friends at 5,000 ft of elevation in CA, why not?

I had a great performance considering I have not been training the way I should due to the crazy move across the US. I think my last long run was back in November when I ran my first 50 miler LOL. Besides that, I have been running a few half marathons here and there to keep up with my mileage a bit. Regardless of my lack of training, I had a great time and I ran strong for around 20 miles, after that, I slowed down and decided to walk whenever I needed to. I finished the race in 6 hours and 41 minutes, a huge PR for me, which lead me to 2nd place in the female category and 4th overall.


Photo Cred: Tyler Tomasello

This run gave me a lot of confidence for my next big race, Minnesota Voyageur 50 Miler, which will take place at the end of July. Before then, I have a few races to help my motivation since I don’t have an established running group here yet, like I did in Nebraska. So I am looking forward to lots of training miles in the hills and by the ocean.



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