Another State: CA

A couple of months ago, I moved from Nebraska to California. I lived in CA back in 2012, and I loved it. So with much excitement, I am here enjoying the nice weather and the amazing people. One of the most spectacular things about CA is the crazy amount of races you can find year round from 5Ks to ultras, so I decided to add another state to my bucket list and signed up for a 50K.

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Excuse me while I burp

There have been a few things that I did not know I was able to do before without getting embarrassed in front of everyone. For many people, it is not OK to fart, to burp or even to spit up when there are people around; and OK… I get it. I mean, if I smell something funny in the middle of the day and my husband is next to me, my finger automatically points at him, or at my dog, whoever is closer.

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Schramm in Late Winter

Lately, I’ve been wanting to run on the trails more and more rather than on the road. Last year my whole body felt like it was being run over by a semi-truck right after my long runs on the Keystone paved trail in Bellevue. However, that did not happen when I ran my last 20 miler in October on the beautiful dirt trails of Lake Cunningham, where the soreness and pain were not there at all! I was able to feel with my own body how different muscle areas are used in different terrains.

Schramm - Running all 50

Schramm – Winter

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Trail Running in the Hollywood Hills

I am visiting some friends in Los Angeles for a few days, and the temperature is around 80 degrees, just perfect to run in the beautiful hills this place has to offer. It’s always good to run a few short runs in the middle of the week to get the body accustomed to running often to prevent horrible cramping during long runs. And since this is a good place to run hills, a friend and I decided to head to Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook trail off of the dangerous and famous Mullholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Continue reading

Getting Lost in the Snowy Woods

The thought of running in the slippery icy snow for the first time was really frightening, I had no idea what types of shoes to wear, what gear I needed or how many jackets I had to put on. But I decided it was time to face reality. This was going to be my first time running in the snow in the Midwest because I had never had the chance of running after a snowfall before, but this time I had to do this to prepare myself for my next mar
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